Sample Tours

Rock Art expedition——Full Day
Driven behind of Kolo Village, trek Mongomi hill for explore site B2, B1 and B3, the red and orange rock paintings depict scene of the indigenous life- including hunting, dancing and ceremony which believed to live over 15,000 years back. Picnic lunch and proceed for more rock art tour. Dinner and overnight-arranged place.

Cycling Tour——Full Day
Get an experience cycling to the sand, your knowledgeable guide will take you into villages where you will experience life of the local community-visiting project and get interactions for the culture exchange, picnic lunch/ hot traditional meals. After sun set traditional honey harvesting tour from African killer- bees, dinner and overnight in the village.

Lake Munguri—-Half Day
By using bike or car heading to Munguri where you will experience life of local fishermen, the way prepares fishnets, taken for canoeing into the Lake. It’s a good place to spot water birds such as Heroin’s, African Jacana, and inland bird’s.

Visiting the Local People—- Full Day
Get insight into the village with you guide, visit the traditional healer learn the way resident treated once sick and get to know different tree species used as natural medicine. Visit black smith and experience the way he makes different tools, school visiting and get connected to trees project funded by tourists. Get interaction with local people for cross culture exchange meanwhile seat with leaders men drinking black coffee. After sun set traditional honey harvesting tour from African killer- bees, dinner and overnight in the village.

Ntomoko Expedition—-Full Day
Driven to Haubi Village, Lake Haubi tour meet fishermen for full experience their daily work fishing; taken into the Lake by canoeing, visit the huge and oldest Church over 100 years. Trek to Ntomoko waterfalls, which are water supply for more than 20 villages down.

Kondoa Town Tour— half Day
At morning walk to the small reserved forest for the birds watching where birds are active, get knowing the tree species and uses, visit the superb natural spring (Kondoa town water supply) walk to the historical building still use today, visit kondoa local market where different product sell.

Bushmen Tour —- One Day and Half
Driven to homes of Sandawe and Barabaig get experience of indigenous life of these tribes which among of very few tribe’s in Tanzania still practice their authentic traditional and customs. Sandawe is the one tribe believed done the ancient rock art.

Trekking Safaris—- Eight days
Day1: Driven to Mongomi hike and explore site B2, B1 and B3 the red and orange paintings depict the scene of tribes life, including hunting, ceremony and dancing- Picnic lunch. Treks to eastern side of Mongomi hill for 2/3 dinner and overnight Pahi campsite.

Day 2: After breakfast, treks to pahi site for more rock paintings apart of experience red and orange date over 10000 years back, you will experience black and white symbolic the recently ones over 800 years back- Picnic lunch, visit pahi village and treks back for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: After breakfast, hike to lake Haubi, on route soil erosion experience and amazing scenario. Walk to the lake Haubi get to know the way of local fishermen set fishnets down into the water and taken for canoeing. Dinner and overnight at home stay in Traditional house.

Day 4: This day an early morning walk to the lakeshore with fishermen- by the time will take off the fishnets with fishes to get to learn fish species as well water bird’s species watching. After breakfast trek Ntalambwi for more rock art experiences, and view lake Itaswi and Maasai escapements, picnic lunch. Late afternoon return back for dinner and overnight at homestay.

Day 5: After breakfast, treks to Ntomoko, this day pass to the local people village where you will get good enough time explore the local community village life. Dinner and overnight Notomoko compsite.

Day 6: After breakfast, the day of guided to the natural forest for seeing water source spring, treks further east of the forest to the waterfalls where possible to shower yourself if you will like. Dinner and overnight Ntomoko campsite.

Day 7: After breakfast, treks to Bonga highlands, pass eastern of Kalamba village, enjoy the landscape, picnic lunch on route. Dinner and overnight Bonga campsite.

Day 8: After breakfast, treks to Hebbi hills, for an ancient rock art, picnic lunch. By afternoon you will be picked at near mondo village by jeep/ van back to Kondoa town for dinner and overnight in the arranged Hotel.

2-3 hrs Kondoa Town Tour – $20 PER PAX
2-3. hrs CYCLING TOUR – $30 PER PAX
2-4- hrs LAKE MUNGURI Canoeing tour- $40 per PAX
The above tour can combine to make full day tour – $ 40 per PAX per Day 1
B. i) Visiting the local people – full day tour and overnight in traditional house. $ 80 per PAX including local food + breakfast.
ii) Sandawe – Semi bushmen, experience their previously nomadic life + new way of life and overnight $ 100 per PAX per day (Full day ++)
iii) Barbaig Boma visiting for experience their culture) $ 40 per PAX . (1-2HRS )
iv) Fishing and experience with local people in lake Haubi, visiting the oldest church and Ntomoka water drops expedition. (Full day) & 100 per PAX per day.
v) Rock paintings explore (full day tour) & 80 per PAX par day.
– N.B. All fee including’s, except Accommodation and tip to for guide.
And this ancient rock art can be done for more than 3 days, depending on the spare time of tourists.

Other options.
– Accommodation:
– Hotel range Ths. 25,000-40,000 BB
– Camping $ 5 per person per night
– With your own tent $ 5 for each tent.
– Food – each meal $ 5


For full day tour- Rock paintings starting with 2 People, price will be US $ 130 each. Price includes: – Around transport during the tour, lunch, mineral water, and all required fees. Price not includes: – accommodation, dinner, tips, cigarette, alcohol and flight.

Six Day tour- Trekking Safaris for the rock paintings and cultural tour experience starting with 2 people, price will be US $140 each a day.

Price includes: – transport drops and picked, all required fees, guide’s wages, donkey, accommodation, three meals daily, water. Price not includes: – Flights, alcohol, cigarette and tips.

Full Day tour- Cycling tour stating with 2 people, price will be US $ 60 each.

Price includes: – all required fees, guide wages, bike rental, and mineral water.        Price not includes: – Food, accommodation, flights, tips, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Two day tour- Tribe tour starting with 2 people, price will be US $ 140 each a day. Price includes: – Transport, accommodation, three meals a day, all required fees, mineral water, guide’s wages. Price not includes: – Flights, alcohol, cigarettes, and tips.

For above tours, solo price will be bit expensive. US $ 160 for the rock paintings, US $ 250 for trekking safaris, cycling tour US $ 70 and US $ 250 for tribe tour.