Trekking Safari

This amazing trek through the Mongomi mountains and the Bonga highlands allows you to explore, in depth, the 3 different sites where the famous rock paintings, discovered by Dr. Mary Leaky in 1954, are located: Kolo, Pahi and Hebi.

Start the first leg of your tour at the Kolo Rock paintings where a local crew, including a donkey and cart to carry your gear, will pick you up.  Trek through the Mongomi Mountains and set up camp near the small village of Pahi. Spend the evening with your guides who will tell you stories of the area and make sure you are well fed and taken care of.  Spend as long as you want the next day exploring the rock paintings.

When you are done you can continue your journey ntomoko where you can trek down the mountain to shower under the ntomoko waterfalls, the main water source for over 40,000 people.  Camp for 2 nights near in this location.

Continue your journey through the Bonga Highlands towards Hebi.  On the way

Points of interest on this trek include visiting all three rock painting sites, stopping at lake Haubi to learn about the fisherman, stay for one night (or more if you would like) in a local traditional house and

You don’t need to worry about anything.  All your of your food and water will be transported and taken care of by the donkey and guides.

The final leg of the journey will be at Hebi which are remote rock paintings visited by very few people in the world.

The last day you will be taken by vehicle from Hebi back to Kondoa town to finish this trek.

    The price of this tour will include bringing a sustainable bee box to one of the beekeeping villages.

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