Honey Harvesting

In Tanzania traditional beekeeping produces amoung the purest honey in the world. The best time to harvest honey is at night when the African Killer bees are at their calmest and that’s when you will join the beekeepers to harvest honey kept in the baobab or kigelia africana trees.

This is part of our home-stay program where you will harvest honey at night with the local men.  The men climb the trees and knock the bee hive onto the ground and collect the honey combs. Head back the home and press the honey and then sleep in the traditional hut for a sweet and sticky sleep. This is an experience you will not want to miss.

As the traditional hives are no longer usable we will slowly transition to the new honey boxes made from sustainable trees that we are bringing to the villages, one by one, so that no more trees have to be cut down to make the new hives.  Down the road this tour will be honey harvesting from the new and sustainable hives.

    The price of this tour will include bringing a sustainable bee box to one of the beekeeping villages.

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