Buy Fish for the Lakes

Lake Munguri and Lake Haubi are the main lakes that supply the fish to the Kondoa region. The fish that are in these lakes are catfish and Talapia.  Catfish eat talapia and so it is feared that the talapia will disappear at some point.

One of our targets is to bring more talapia to the lake and keep them in a secured place with nets for 2 years until they breed and are big enough to release and compete with the predators.

You can buy fish from sokoine university of agriculture.  The cost for 1000 fish is around $500 US and once the fish are bought we can work with the government who will supply the transport.

This is a longer term project that will be in conjunction with the government who can supply the transport and Kondoa Cultural tours will supply the $200 for gas and a driver.  This can only happen between July and August and you can be a part of releasing the fish into the lakes.

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