About the Company

Kondoa Cultural Tourism Enterprise is a local Tanzanian community led business that focus on water, education and employment. We connect a unique and growing breed of eco-culture travellers with community-led environmental programs with the goal of creating jobs, building wells and funding micro businesses. Through lasting global and village relationships, KCTE also actively partners with like minded organizations especially those with a mandate and vision around water projects which is the centre stone of our strategy.

We live in an age in which citizens are better educated and informed about the world, and want to be responsible in their travels; however, it is often difficult and frustrating to connect with a travel company that incorporates these social, environmental and community values into tours at a reasonable price.

At Kondoa Cultural Tours we believe that the planet is our product and that we need to protect it: this is a fundamental value important to us as a business, but also as human beings. Our company bridges the gap between people who share our values but don’t have the time to spend on a long-term volunteer enterprise, or to identify a worthwhile project developed in consultation with the local community. At Kondoa Cultural Tours, we include elements of social and environmental welfare in every tour package that we offer so that our travellers will be contributing to a bigger project while also enjoying a fun and exciting travel experience.

The core idea of Kondoa Cultural Tours is that every tour will include an element which allows tourists the opportunity to  “get their hands dirty” and put their tourism dollars into a project to which they can also physically contribute.

Imagine going on a bike trip through a small village in the Kondoa region of Tanzania and stopping off for the afternoon to deliver 5 trees that you bought, we supplied, and village needs. As part of a Kondoa Cultural Tour, you and members of the community would have the opportunity to connect with people in the community while planting the trees — you transcend the awkward meeting because you have something physical to do together. The village also benefits because the trees you plant would be part of a larger tree planting initiative developed by our environmental team that will continue after your tour has left.

You have learned about the region, met members of the community in a meaningful way and given back to the planet.

Our tours are all custom-designed and can be as short as an afternoon or involve a more immersive week long experience.  Tours are built in a modular way so that participants can mix and match different types of accommodation and transportation, tour activities, and community projects  in tours of different lengths.

Our tours are fun, active and by travelling with us participants become part of a larger story.

We are building programs, that are not just great tours, but that also  benefit local people and businesses.  We are integrating these projects into our selling proposition and building a sustainable and responsible tourism model.  We believe that as a collective group of travellers we can change the world.